11 July, 2012

Post 1

Hello world...
As my first-blog-post-ever this is bound to be a pile of drivel and if you're reading this I hope you know the meaning of the word coprophagia (which I only learned this week...here [first ever link on my blog]).

Plans for the blog :
  • Quantity not quality. (We'll see how long this lasts, but everyone knows the most annoying type of blog is one not regularly updated). My favourite blog is --bikesnobnyc-- (the reason I chose blogspot. Yes).
  • Improve my writing and presentation skills.
  • Meet new people and get more involved in social networking.
  • Themes could include : chemistry, music, swimming, cycling, the origins of my name, language, literature (scientific or otherwise), stuff I think about.
  • Keep a sort of diary. In future I (and you) can look back and wonder how I was how I was. 
  • Learn some html/coding/programming (are those last two the same? Oh dear it's a low level starting point)
I've tagged this post as "quantity not quality" (sic). I trust in my ability to produce quality work, but sometimes I lack the motivation, or whatever, to output at a high rate. During times when I've been most productive (quantity), quality does tend to stay up too. Hmmm low quality paragraph construction right there...

Anyway, I'm Marvinthefish on an Asus 1000Eee PC signing off for today.
See you tomorrow,


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