13 July, 2012


Awesome photo! And it's blue, the title of this post (totally didn't think of the title after seeing this photo). Anyway, link to the picture on the cover of the British Dental Journal.

As the theme of this blog can include chemistry here are some blue structures that came up in my reading at work today. Prussian blue, with the idealized formula Fe7(CN)18.
(Come on Marvin, some real structures!). Next one is methylene blue:

Not to be confused with methyl blue, a nice C3-symmetric molecule:

Or new methylene blue:

Hmmm this is taking longer than expected so I'm going to stop there. I'm on a 10.1" Asus Eee PC, with no mouse, a touchpad that works most of the time, an old version of ChemDraw, a left hand button that works some of the time...and a hot girl on the couch beside me ;-)

PS For some really funky blues why not try polyfluorenes!

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