14 July, 2012

Chariots of Fire

Saturday- a day to relax and unwind. Unfortunately the weather took a day off too, with rain, clouds, flooding and dreariness (see pic from twitter below). A perfect day for the cinema though, where Chariots of Fire was on. This re-release is out for the Olimpics 2012 and describes the story of two Brits training for the 1924 Olimpic Games, competing in athletics. I liked it, but the cinematography was not brilliant. A good few instances of hats and walls and people blocking the camera. Also it just felt like an old fashioned film, with credits at the start, lots of silence during scenes, could have been  in B&W, but it was released first in 1981! I thought I would like it more than I did to be honest. I'm usually one for seeing old films that are "pop culture" but not many people have seen, like Taxi Driver, Dirty Dancing, Jaws.

"Chariots of Fire" reminds me of the story of Phaethon. Ancient Greek myth where this guy's dad is the sun god Phoebus. So his mum says, "If your spirit impels you, be off on your way and question the sun god himself!". "As soon as his mother had finished speaking, Phaethon darted out in excitement. The sky was already his own! Crossing his native Ethiopia and India, nearing the land of the sun, he hastened east to discover his father.". "He asked for his father's chariot, with leave to control the wing-footed horses, for just one day."

 Aww yeah, chariot of the sun god.

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