12 July, 2012

Formula 1..2..3..

Hey I made it to my second post in two days. I better keep this up or my legions of readers will hunt me down.

Tough day at work today (well, more annoying really), but let's talk Formula 1. I was at the British Grand Prix last weekend with three of my friends from home. The headlines from this weekend were mud, mud, more mud and a decent race during the only two hours in the weekend when it didn't rain at least a bit. We got up around 5.30 and stationed ourselves at Luffield corner (general admittance) beside a group of Blackpool FC supporters ("Blackpool FC!", shouted in a nasal American accent) who had a very tall flag which blocked the view of some Americans in the grandstand behind us. The time went by really quickly  before the main event, with buses racing followed by sweeping machines race (clockwise then anticlockwise), GP3, Porsche supercup and GP2. An Irishman (sort of--Conor Daly) on the podium in theGP3 race. Hurrah! http://www.lotuscars.com/gb/racing/gp3 
The Red Arrows acrobatic flying team put on an amazing show before the race. I can't quite imagine how these guys can do it. I mean, just how do you start doing stuff like that? It's beautiful, breathtaking stuff. 
Best bit iin the F1 was Webber passing Alonso into Luffield (yes I saw it with my own eyes!) I do generally support Alonso, but this decisive moment was pretty much all down to the fact that his tires were in pieces.

After the race I saw more stuff with my own eyes : More mud, drivers Button, di Resta, Hulkenburg, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Vergne, and then Coulthard, Jake Humphries (OMGOMGOMG), Eddie Jordan, Murray Walker (he did, "GOGOGO!", yay!)

Yesterday I watched a documentary on bbc4 about Gordon Murray, the Formula 1 car designer for Brabham and McClaren ( he also designed the McClaren F1 road car) back in the day. I wanted more of the F1 stories, because there was quite a lot about his current project-a lightweight city car for mass production. This guy has charisma and I want to know more about him. I bet he could write a sweet blog. And put more pictures in too.

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