13 May, 2014

Dorothy Hodgkin 12th May, 2014

Google's doodle on this day commemorated the "104th birthday"(is it still a birthday?) of Dorothy Hodgkin. I was happy to find I could recognise the molecule, before reading any further. I'm a real chemist (sounding like Pinocchio)! I particularly liked the Orange oxygen atoms :-)

Link to Google's explanation here (including  doodle drafts): http://www.google.com/doodles/dorothy-hodgkins-104th-birthday
...a pioneer of the field of X-ray crystallography. A 100 year old technique in chemistry which has revolutionized the way we understand the structure of the universe on a molecular level. By studying the patterns produced by X-rays, scientists are able to surmise the molecular structure of materials. A technique so important that it has had a direct role in producing multiple Nobel Laureates including Dorothy Hodgkin, who was awarded one in 1964 for her work on uncovering the complex structure of Penicillin G (the model in the doodle).

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