03 March, 2014

Experimental pancakes

Aim: Delicious pancakes for Pancake Tuesday
Date: Monday 3rd March 2014
Procedure: Plain white flour (300g, “essential Waitrose”) and salt (<1g, NaCl) was weighed out using the balance. This was passed through a sieve into a 2L circular bowl. A small depression was made in the centre of the flour. Eggs (three, medium-size hen eggs(free-range)) were cracked open and poured into the centre of the flour. Sunflower oil (22ml (1 ½ tablespoons)) was added next, followed by milk (100ml, semi-skimmed cow’s milk, 1.7% w/v fat content, ~5°C). The mixture was stirred vigorously using a whisk until all solid flour had become incorporated and a viscous paste formed.
Milk (100ml) was added to the paste and stirring continued for 2min. Milk was then added until a total of 450ml had been added, stirring continuously (may use a dropping funnel clamped above, if desired). The viscous liquid – the batter – was placed in the fridge overnight at 4°C ± 1°.
The next day, the batter was poured on to a hot pan and heated until delicious. 

Recommendations: Lemon juice (10ml. From Eureka lemon. Contains water, limonene, citric acid...) was added to the “pancake”, followed by sucrose (10g). Order of addition found to be a controversial issue.
Use fork or spoon to place in mouth. Masticate, swallow and digest. Smile. It’s Pancake Tuesday!

Suggestions for future experiments: To be updated


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