19 April, 2013

Extra extra! Children on a bus for a couple of hours longer than expected!

Is this the most boring piece of news ever? Yes, yes it is.


A sat-nav mix up left a coach load of school pupils almost 80 miles from home after a trip to Paris.

Oh my god what happened??
The children from Tywyn, on the west coast of Wales in Gwynedd, ended up a couple of hours away at Towyn, on the north Wales coast near Rhyl.

I have been to Rhyl. If you were expecting to be somewhere else, it's not the most exciting place to spend time.

Pupils woke up after the 13-hour journey and phoned parents to say they were in the wrong town.

Again, oh my god oh my god oh my god! 

"The main thing is they all got back safely." said Gwynedd councillor Louise Hughes, a school governor whose daughter was on the trip.
"Delivery drivers make the same mistake and people ring saying 'we can't find you, we're in Towyn'. It happens all the time."

How is this national news?

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