28 August, 2012

Go for the jugular

Go for the Jaguar
Go for the juggler (usually annoying)
Go for the jug

“You’re looking for money and jewellery; just get the cash . . . You can sell the jewellery, you’d sell it anywhere. Moorcroft bowls are a big seller as well. Just go up to Ballymun or somewhere. There’s loads of people up there owe money to the credit union or the loan sharks. You bring something up there that they know they’ll never be able to get unless they buy it from you at a knock-down price and they’ll give you money for it, f***ing sure they will.” [Emphasis MTF]

http://www.irishtimes.com... <---Link

I was reading an article about recession burglars in The Irish Times last month and this paragraph was just slipped in. I'm still trying to understand it. Just, what? Moorccroft bowls? Moorcroft bowls seem like a fairly specialist subject, and I'd never even heard of them, but apparently they are the item to grab when you're in a house which is not your own and flaking off your latest high and doing whatever it needs to get the next. No explanation as to why these particular bowls are the hotch of choice. I presume the street value on one of these bad boys must be special.


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